Website Traffic Analysis

website traffic Website traffic analysis helps you understand how your website is performing.  It helps you understand if your website performance is working for your business as you need it to.  Who is visiting your website. Where are your website visitors located. How did they find your website?  What was the length of their visit on your website?  What pages did your website visitors use?

We use various tools to analyze website traffic. Those tools help us to tune your website in order to increase traffic and the performance your business seeks from a website.

We incorporate the traffic analysis tools with information from any ads running for your site. The data from the traffic analysis and the data from your ads is matched up. This data match up allows us to better define your ads. To focus on demographics, location, and the ad schedule.  We want to make sure not only are you getting traffic, but the correct traffic. We do not want to see your marketing budget used out of focus.

Click HERE to learn about Google Analytics from the Yoast who is the author to our favorite SEO tool.


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