Website Development

LDH Web ServicesWebsite development is our passion here at LDH Web Services.  We have been building quality websites since 2007.  LDH has moved with the flow of technology and kept our tools and practices up to date.  We currently and proudly use WordPress as our base technology. If you are not familiar with it WordPress was originally designed as a blogging tool and has quickly been adapted as one of the most used developer tools.  It can also be called a content management system or CMS. It is an open source tool so it has literally thousands of pre-built themes and plugins to give your website awesome features at budget conscious prices. WordPress also allows users to very easily update and maintain their website.



As described earlier there are thousands of pre-built themes and plugins. We are proud to say that our primary theme in use is uDesign. It offers many awesome features and tools. These tools allows us to quickly and easily build a custom website for our clients.  The uDesign team is great to work with. They insure the product is robust and kept up to date with current technologies.Website Theme


The WordPress developers community is a great source for premium tools for websites and as you may have read on some of our other pages we build many of these tools into the websites we develop. Tools that help us create the best SEO, keep the website safe with security features, and help us design and develop custom websites for our clients.




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