First Impressions a Key Component of Website Design


First Impressions a Key Component of Website Design Having an award winning website design is important, having the best first impressions when a potential client visits you website is more important.  As we ask on our home page, “are visitors passing your website by like it was a blank billboard?” LDH Web Services will collaborate with you in order to help you achieve those best first impressions and keep viewers from passing you by.

That old saying stands true with websites. What do potential customers see when they land on your web site? Your web site needs to be like a billboard they drive by on the interstate. It needs to catch their attention and keep them on the website.  A click of a mouse will pass by apoorly designed website. No different than a car passing a blank billboard on the interstate, . That click will return the viewer to the next website in the search results. Competition is only one click away.  Today it is important to have a web presence, it must also have that professional polished look to get the job done that it was meant to do.

LDH Web Services works hard to design a website that will get the job done for you.


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  • An eye catching designed website layout is up there in importance to keep a viewers attention.

  • A well organized website allows visitors to find what they are looking for with ease.

  • Organized websites allow search engines to rank them higher.


Be sure to visit our page that talks about Responsive Websites Design, this design option is growing in importance as the number of mobile users continues to grow.