Websites – Social Media – Marketing

Websites, social media, sometimes it can be puzzling!  It may make you wonder why do I need a website when I use Facebook or twitter. Or just the opposite, why do I need those tools when I have a website. Keep the following two points in mind and the pieces of the puzzle will come together.

  • Your website is the home base for your online presence.Social Media
  • Your social pages are marketing tools.

Social media, whether Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or one of the many others are marketing tools for you to use to find customers and grow your revenue. Use these tools as a marketing platform to drive traffic to your website. This traffic can grow your customer list and sales.

For business owners who don’t use tools such as Facebook or twitter on a personal basis, it can be difficult to understand spending time and resources on these platforms.  You do need to understand the magnitude of people using social media. They are also on it multiple times throughout the day. 

Here are some key facts to keep in mind about the use of these marketing tools.

  • The world population is 7+ billion
  • The are more than 5+ billion mobile users
  • Social media has captured 3+ billion users, almost have of the earths population!

Make sure you have icons for your social pages on your website. This will allow you to have a 360 connection with those following you.  Just like the content on your website, it is also very important to keep you social media pages up to date with fresh content.  Today many people use social media to look up an organization or business they have heard about.  Old content or an unused social media page can turn away potential customers. They want to know that your business is active and current with it’s information. Old or missing content whether on a website or a social site site can give negative insights about the organization.

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