We can help you get your cart online with eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website developmentBusiness to Consumer B2C or Business to Business B2B shops. Whatever your needs are for eCommerce website development, LDH Web Services can help you. We can setup a shop in your website or work with a third-party partner to setup your shop and link it to your website.

eCommerce Website Development In Your Website

We use WooCommerce to build online shops within websites.  WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for websites. Designed for small to large-sized online merchants with ease of use.  First this plugin has numerous add-on components to give you the best options when building an online store.  Secondly it has a low and is very easy to setup. Most importantly we love using it!

Third Party Shops Linked To Your Website

We work with third parties to develop the best eCommerce shop to suite your needs. Products that let us setup a shop and all that bells and whistles. You can set up a shop that works across multiple platforms. Websites, social media, brick and mortar locations and more.

LDH Web Services has partnered with Shopify in order to create an eCommerce shop outside of your website.




We offer consulting and development services for small businesses using WooCommerce to build their eCommerce shop.



Another tool we use for marketing your eCommerce website is mailchimp.

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