Domain Registration, Renewal and Monitoring

LDH Web Services offers domain registration, renewal and monitoring through a partner we have worked with for over a decade.

Here is a little background on domains.

A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.

A Domain Name Servers (DNS) is the equivalent of a phone book but for the internet.  Basically a list of domain names with translations to IP addresses (Internet Protocol).   It is much easier to remember a domain name versus an IP address.  What would you rather type in a domain name such as or the IP address of for Google®?  They both will take you to the same page.

So what is a URL then you may ask?  URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is the address you type into your web browser to visit a website — for example,

The major difference between URL and domain name is that URL is a string that provides the information location or complete internet address of a webpage whereas domain name is a part of URL which again is a more human-friendly form of an IP address.

Why should you use our domain registration?

By using our services for domains we help keep you domain secure and private.  We register the domain under our account, we monitor it and keep it safe.  There are hackers or others constantly on the prowl across the internet to see what they can find and take advantage of.  When you register your domain on your own, you put in your personal information.  When we register your domain, we put in our information.  No one will see your name, address, email or phone number tied to the domain.  You will control your domain and all email addresses assigned to it. We guarantee all of your rights for the domain are yours. Your domain is still 100% yours.  We also will receive all of the FAKE renewal information sent for the URL, both through the postal service and via email.  You won’t have to worry about being sure to renew your domain before it expires, we cover it all for you.

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